DanBaoLi Industry Improver

DanBaoLi Industry Improver
Danbaoli Industry Mantou Improver can help industrialized mechanical production, increase the volume of Mantou, enhance the softness of finished products, and prolong the shelf life and freshness of finished products.
Addition Level: 0.2-0.3% of the quantity of flour, for example: using 200-300g Mantou improver for 100kg flour
Addition Method: put “Danbaoli Industry Mantou Improver” directly into flour, and add other ingredients, and then start mixing.

Ingredients: wheat flour; vegetable oil; food additive; calcium sulphate; ascorbic acid; enzyme (α-amylase; amyloglucosidase; glucose oxidase; hemicellulase; lipase; maltogenic amyiase; proteinase).
Packaging Specifications: for each case: 10kg/bag
Storage Method: Danbaoli Industry Improver is the high-quality Mantou improver product, and shall be carefully stored in the shady, cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature and direct shining (not exceeding 30℃).