Lesaffre Trainer Ouyang Shares his Passion for Asian Bakery with SYB Students


Lesaffre is the world’s largest yeast manufacturer, and a strong partner of SYB since the program’s inception in 2009. With a long standing experience in China, Lesaffre has developed an expertise both in French and Asian bakery. On March 25th, the Young Bakers were honored to have a master class by trainer Ouyang, who shared his 30 years of experience at Lesaffre by giving them a master class on Asian bread.

The students were very excited to learn more about this style of bakery, and eager to study with such an experienced master! Their challenge of the day was to bake 8 different kinds of bread in only a few hours!


As most Chinese breads are made from one kind of dough, that first step was an important one: from the temperature to the kneading time, everything had to be under control!

Mr. Ouyang then started teaching students how to prepare the ingredients for the filling and topping as well as to glaze the dough.. After several hours of work, the students could finally put their products in the oven.

Time’s up! The good smell of bread soon filled the room as soon as the students opened the oven., The 300 breads of 8 different kinds were quite an impressive sight when arranged on the table!


Mr. Ouyang has high expectations for the students of Shanghai Young Bakers, “There are many ways to create different breads, in the future you can try to incorporate some of the elements of Chinese bakery that I taught you today in your products. I hope that after you become professional bakers you will treat your work seriously, by using quality ingredients for instance. Mr.Ouyang said that that the students at Shanghai Young Bakers were very lucky to have such a good opportunity to learn authentic bakery, and that he was willing tocooperate even more in the future.

SYB trainer Wang Li expressed her gratefulness to Mr. Ouyang for taking time on his busy schedule to teach them and said that she also learnt a lot from the class.

Zhao, a student from Shaanxi said, “I was deeply impressed by Mr. Ouyang’s work ethic!”

Very warm thanks to Ouyang and Lesaffre for their outstanding support to our charity program!

Floriane, SYB program manager