Mantou cooking method

Mantou cooking method

Tool: Flour basin, Cup, Small bowl, Electronic scale or bench scale, Rolling pin, Chef knife, Mantou paper, Steaming basket.

Ingredients: Flour, Yeast, Baking power, Water, Salt, Sugar. (Others: milk powder, etc)


1.Add the baking powder (the milk powder, etc.)to the flour, use some water to dissolvethe dry yeast, use some water( use warm water in winter) to dissolve the sugarand salt, then add all these to the flour and knead, until the dough becomes soft, elastic and has a smooth surface. Then cover the dough with basin or wet cloth and let the dough rest for 10mins.

2.Use the rolling pin to flatten the dough into 0.5cm thickness in rectangle shape, roll the dough and cut it into pieces of 50g.

3.Put the mantou on top of the mantou paper, and put them into the steaming basket.

4.Proof for 50-60mins at 28-35°C and relative humidity 60-75%.

5.Put the mantou in the steaming basket, and steam for 13mins over high heat.