New Danbaoli Packaging

Launching High-end Level Danbaoli Platinum

Danbaoli, founded in 1985, is the first instant dry yeast manufacturer in China. As the Chinese partner of Lesaffre, Danbaoli receives 160-year history experience and expertise of Lesaffre, and meanwhile, carries forward the history and forges ahead into the future, plays its strengths in the China market, and attains its own classics.

Danbaoli’s brand new leading products are updated results combining 100% Lesaffre high-end technology and quality control. They outperform in the fermentation environment of sugar percentage, and have quick fermentation speed, strong fermentation vitality and stable operability.
Danbaoli Platinum can be perfectly adapted to different kinds of raw materials, different kinds of recipes and different kinds of processes, and has excellent improvement based on the performance of Danbaoli traditional products, and are the cream of the cream.
DBL-铂金版-单页 Danbaoli Platinum
Combined with a new Chef Thumbs up image, Danbaoli upgrades it old packaging and launches domestic small sachet based on traditional products, expanding its product lines and satisfying more consumer demands.

Newly Improved Danbaoli High Active Instant Dry Yeast

100% Lesaffre technology and quality control, reliable quality, high performance/price ratio; with excellent performance like quick fermentation and strong aftereffects. It can play its stable roles in different flours, different recipes and different environments, and has strong adaptability.

New Danbaoli Small Sachet

For healthy, safe and natural family flour based foods making, with different packages suitable for different demands. It comes to integrate with 100% technology and quality control of French Lesaffre – the first instant dry yeast manufacturer in the world, has excellent quality, and especially for family making, and helps the family consumers make and enjoy nutrient and delicious flour foods.

For more information about Danbaoli, view the brand new Danbali website and Danbaoli-blog:
Official Website of Danbaoli Brand under Lesaffre, including brand spirit, gallery of full series, and news, etc.
Danbaoli Blog, where there are different kinds of flour recipes and welcome to share your personal experience.

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