danbaoli 5g

Danbaoli 5g
For healthy, safe and natural family flour based foods making, with different packages suitable for different demands. It comes to integrate with 100% technology and quality control of French Lesaffre – the first instant dry yeast manufacturer in the world, has excellent quality, and especially for family making, and helps the family consumers make and enjoy nutrient and delicious flour foods.

Ingredients: yeast; food additive (Sorbitan Monostearate (E491))

Application: especially suitable for making of different kinds of flour foods for the families, such as leavened foods like Baozi, Mantou and steamed twisted rolls, etc.


Addition Method: after resolving the yeast into solution with lukewarm water at 35℃ or so, pour it into flour, and knead it into smooth dough by adding adequate lukewarm water; or directly add yeast into flour and make them even, and knead it smooth dough by adding lukewarm water.

Usage: first fermentation and then shaping
1. Place the kneaded dough in the warm and humid environment (32-36℃), ferment it for 40-60min., after full fermentation of the dough (volume up to 2 times or so, then honeycombed shape inside), after that, make the dough of the products.
2. Place the dough of the products in the steamer basket for heat preservation and humidness preservation, after still standing for 5-10min., fire to steam.

Packaging Specifications: 5g × 200 bags/case

Storage Method: stored in a shady, cool and dry place; once package is opened, frozen with bag neck tightly sealed

Shelf Life: 2 years

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